• 5 star review  Mr Groden has the ability to make calculus (and math in general) fun, meaningful, relevant, etc. and to relate complex concepts in a way that not only makes sense, but also gives the students the ability to re-apply the concepts later on. Our son had Mr. Groden as his calculus teacher in high school, and our daughter has now used Mr. Groden's services for both SAT prep and AB Calculus weekly review. Both have been excellent and more than worth the money spent.

    thumb Dara Bortman

    5 star review  Matt Groden's enthusiasm is contagious. He is very engaging and truly helped my son connect different math concepts.

    thumb Andrea Okin Epstein
  • 5 star review  Mr. Groden is a great teacher. His sense of humor keeps students engaged; and his use of real world examples brings relevance to difficult math concepts.

    thumb Mimi Lombardo Miller

    Mr. Groden is an energetic, dynamic teacher who truly cares about his students. He uses real-world examples and innovative teaching practices to help his students learn the concepts and to develop a passion about mathematics.

    thumb Megan Swope
  • 5 star review  My daughter Sophia is so happy to attend her math classes with Mr. Groden. She has an A in her math class.

    thumb Lisa Liberty

    5 star review  Mr. Groden is an outstanding math teacher. He is very patient, always positive and has an excellent reputation. He currently tutors my 8th grader. We would highly recommend him!! He is the best!

    thumb Debra Currie Venkatesulu
  • Matt does a fantastic job of helping the students understand how to apply formulas and why they work! He never just has the students memorize formulas. My son really liked his approach and it helped that he made videos to refer to when he needed a refresher during the week. I would highly recommend his courses!

    thumb Kelley Magee Coyne

    5 star review  My daughter loved working with Matt through his Middle School Math Foundations course. She was apprehensive to take Math for fun over the summer alongside her other activities but absolutely loved Matts approach to teaching! She is sad to see it end but is looking forward to continuing with him throughout her education! Highly recommend Matt to all my friends and family out there!

    thumb Stephanie Remmey Bissol
  • 5 star review  Mr. Groden really helped me learn the subject of geometry very well. He related certain topics to the interest of the student which helped a lot. The pointers he gave for study habits were definitely very helpful and I would recommend Mr. Groden to anybody.

    thumb John Kakoyan

    5 star review  I was lucky enough to have Mr. Groden as my teacher for two classes throughout high school. In school, math was never my strong suite but Mr. Groden was able to use real life examples that pertained to myself that helped me with understanding the math. After a couple of years, I started attending Rider University where I studied Business. I hadn't been in a math class in years so when I found out that I had to take Quantitative Methods for Business, I knew that I was in trouble. After receiving my first test and seeing that I received a low C, I reached out to Mr. Groden to see if he were doing any tutoring and surly enough he was. Mr. Groden met with me once a week and again was able to use real life examples that pertained to myself and I was able to understand the math. I ended the semester receiving an A in the class, and I know 100% I would not have reached that without Mr. Grodens help. Thank you!

    thumb Bobby Antinoro